Friday, February 20, 2009

urban composting

something i've lamented since moving to new york is the lack of opportunity to compost my food waste.  a year or so ago, i looked around for a location, within manhattan, where i could drop off my weekly waste.  i was sure that i would find something in central park but didn't, and so composting in new york seemed impossible.

i thought very briefly about the options for indoor composting in yesterday's article in the times.  and, i just don't think i'm hardcore enough.  i also know, that despite her unwavering support for my hippie ways, an indoor composting system would kill L.  

i see two different possible scenarios:  the smell, wafting up to her hyper-sensitive nose, would simply strike her dead, or an errant worm, escaped from his compost nest, would wriggle his way towards her, causing immediate heart failure on her part.

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