Saturday, February 14, 2009

best laid plans

(not a valentine's day joke . . . well, maybe a little bit)

last night, i was way too grumpy to blog this, but as always morning brings perspective.  i had decided to make cookies for the boy for valentine's day.  i conceived a very pretty dried cherry and white chocolate drop cookie and decided that it would be tasty and pretty with the red and white.  i planned on using a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and then subbing the cherries and white chocolate - makes sense, no?

so, after work, i set off upon my dried cherry/white chocolate mission.  i went to my neighborhood go-to for all things fancy and was dismayed to find that not only were the dried cherries the color of rust (not the bright red i fancied), they were dried with some chemical process.  the dried cranberries sitting next to them were just the right color and were naturally dried, so i decided to go with that.  on to the chocolate!  and there was none.  

so, i put the cranberries away and went to my regular grocery.  there, the cranberries were dull and the white chocolate was only in bar form.  at this point, it was getting late, i was overly frustrated and deep inside, i knew that the boy would actually prefer old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies.  i left empty handed, and here i am this morning, making cookies without a pretty valentine's theme.

oh well.

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