Monday, February 28, 2011

meyer lemon marmalade

last weekend, i visited my good friends shaina and zoe in ocean beach, california. after a long and cold winter, the 75 degree weather and plentiful local produce was such a treat. we rode bikes, i wore sandals (!), we had cocktails on the beach, visited the farmer's market and ate plenty of fish tacos.

i was so jealous to find a beautiful meyer lemon tree right in shaina's yard. i picked a few to brighten my return to frigid nyc. at first, i wasn't sure what i wanted to do with the lemons. i thought about curing them (something my israeli roommate always did with her meyers). i also thought about roasting a chicken with the lemons or making a tagine, but when hipgirls tweeted about a perfect meyer lemon marmalade from shae irving, my heart was set.

shae is a prize-winning jam, jelly and marmalade maven (her ebook has this meyer lemon marm recipe plus more) and she has an excellent tutorial on how to slice citrus for marmalades on her blog. the only thing i did a little differently to the marmalade was to add the juice of half an orange - and i liked the enhanced flavor that it brought to the marmalade.

i yielded more marmalade than i expected, so if you'd like a jar, please leave a comment and i'll pop one in the mail to you.