Sunday, June 26, 2011

asparagus and pickled rhubarb rolls

asparagus season has come and gone in new york, but i still wanted to share this recipe. i first made these tasty snacks at the tail end of last year's asparagus season. my friend shaina was visiting the east coast and we planned on picnicking in the park. i had pickled rhubarb on hand and had seen a white asparagus and pickled rhubarb salad on food52. i loved the idea of the salad but it wasn't picnic friendly. i riffed a bit and produced this finger-friendly dish.

(photo credit: shaina g.)

asparagus and pickled rhubarb rolls
1 bunch asparagus, trimmed to 2 inch stalks - blanched for 30 seconds
pickled asparagus (see recipe below)
goat cheese
prosciutto - thinly sliced

group an individual stalk of asparagus, one or two pieces of pickled rhubarb and a dab (dime sized) of goat cheese together and roll in a slice of prosciutto.

pickled rhubarb
rhubarb - 1 lb, thinly sliced
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup water
1 cup turbinado sugar
1 teaspoon salt

slice the rhubarb at an extreme diagonal (a la steamy kitchen's celery). pack sliced rhubarb in glass jars. bring remaining ingredients to a low boil. ensure that all sugar has dissolved, carefully pour hot vinegar mixture over the rhubarb (covering completely). let cool, and then put in the fridge to chill.


Sippity Sup said...

Fantastic! So much creativity. I am honored by the small part I played in your. Delicious picnic! GREG

heather said...

Thanks! I'm absolutely addicted to pickled rhubarb and I owe it all to you. I make several batches and they last in the fridge for months.