Thursday, May 27, 2010

peas and carrots - a spring tasting

a close friend and her husband have been working to revitalize his family's bed & breakfast (the twilight lodge) in the catskills region of new york. they've done an amazing job and the innkeepers they've hired are fantastic.

last weekend, they invited a group of family and friends for their first chef's tasting dinner. using primarily ingredients from local farms and purveyors, they created a fantastic 4-hour taste of spring. each course was wonderful, but my favorite really captured the essence of the season. i was able to work my "in" with the chef to get the recipe for this spring salad named: peas & carrots.

1 lb english peas in the pod
2 large carrots
1/2 lb french green beans
1/2 lb baby bliss potatoes (red & white)
2-3 pheasant eggs
1/4 lb prosciuto (obtained locally from the smokehouse of the catskills)
1 clove garlic
1 sprig thyme
handful parsley
handful peashoots (garnish)
olive oil

shuck the peas, then blanch and shock in ice water. cut carrots and beans into 1 inch batons, blanch until tender but al-dente and shock in ice water.

cook potatoes in water with thyme, garlic and salt until potatoes are done, then blanch in ice water. after the potatoes have cooled, cut into halves.

cook eggs in boiling water for five minues and shock in ice water for three minutes, peel and cut in halves or wedges.

arrange above ingredients on plate with dressing on the side.


1 cup mayo
2 tablespoons ketchup
1 teaspoon chili sauce (preferably siracha)
1 shallot - finely minced
a touch of dijon mustard
12 spanish olives - finely chopped
2 cornichons - finely chopped
handful parsley - finely chopped
1 lemon - juiced
salt & pepper to taste

mix the above ingredients well.

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