Saturday, January 24, 2009


i didn't intend for this blog to focus solely on cooking.  however, over the holidays, i was in overdrive on the cooking end of things.  lately, i've been able to make time for other fun nesting activities -- namely knitting.

the knitting girls and i are making a baby blanket for a close friend.  i finished my first square this week:

no, we are not making a brown baby blanket -- we're making a patchwork of dark pink, light pink, cream and this brown.  we're each making four 9 by 9 squares and are going to seam the pieces together and possibly knit and seam a border.  

i've heard that group knitting projects can be hard because everyone knits at different tension levels.  we're committed to making a lovely homemade gift for our motherfriend-to-be, and i don't think she'll mind at all if its a bit wonky.


heatherina said...

ugh, i should also mention, that i need to steam and block my pieces before we seam them!

BrooksRainey said...

I think that's a lovely idea. Do I know the mommy-to-be? I'm making Jessica's baby boy Matthew a quilt out of her old tee shirts. I'm putting it together very slowly, because I think it deserves a certain level of reverence.