Wednesday, December 17, 2008

blue cheese and walnut "crackers"

i made these blue cheese and walnut "crackers" (they really seem more of a savory cookie) for a friend's holiday brunch this weekend.  i dearly love the contessa and like most everything she does.

based on the comments made regarding the recipe, i decided to wait to add salt towards the end.  when i tasted the nearly-complete dough, i decided that the crackers didn't need salt.  i believe it was the right decision.

i made the dough the night beforehand and chilled the log over night.  in the morning, i sliced the decidedly blue crackers and baked them.  they browned nicely on both sides (after a flip halfway through cooking) and were a total hit at the party.  people having bloody mary's were especially appreciative.  i think the acid from the tomato juice complemented theses savories nicely.  

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fante.j said...

god was this good.